Ombres series
Antoine Schmitt 2018

All unique artworks
Variable size

We have all spent time lying on our bed staring at the reflections of the external world on the ceiling and loosing our gaze in these shapes both readable and unreadable, geometrical compositions consequences of the positions and intensities of the external light sources, of the shapes of the shades and windows, of the angles and positions of the wall and ceiling, of our own position in space and of the angle of our stare, which both reveals all these constituants one by one and in relation with one another by the act of decomposition realized unconsciously by the spatial animal and analytical sapiens brain of ours, and which yet also present themselves to us in their naked literality. The Ombres (shadows) series, in a kind of shape poetry, intends to play with the different depths of the spectator’s gaze in front of these compositions, both autosuffisant abstract shapes and complex products of a whole series of sources, causes and geometrical processes. This series extends my research around the aesthetics of the cause, here for once in the field of the shape and not of the movement as such.