1000 pixels / n+141

  • 1000 pixels / n+141

    Patrice Belin, Antoine Schmitt. 2011

    3,2m x 2,4m x 2m
    Steel, custom software program, computer, videoprojector
    Unique piece

    Produced with the support of the La Vie des Formes (NPO), of the Ecomusée Creusot-Montceau and of the Communauté Urbaine Creusot-Montceau (FR). Created during a residency at the Briqueterie de Ciry-le-Noble.

    1000 pixels / n+141 is a artwork by Patrice Belin and Antoine Schmitt. 1000 light pixels, moved by a vital urge, explore endlessly a landscape of metal shapes placed on the ground which constitute both a territory and its map.

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