Artificial Artists

At the crossroads of Art and AIs, it is often noted about generative AIs like ChatGPT that they only reproduce variations from the past and cannot demonstrate real creativity. Indeed, on the one hand, in their very designs, current generative AIs only exercise their “imagination” within their “latent space”, that is to say all of the variations of the data of which they have been fed, and on the other hand they only respond to the “prompts” of their users. But it must be remembered that there is no theoretical limit to the nature or complexity of the processes that can operate in a computer, which is a universal machine, and this includes intention and will, desire and pain, awareness of oneself and others, subjectivity and introspection, neuroses and emotions, etc… The sources of human creativity remain mysterious but if some of its deep mechanisms are found integrated into AI, voluntarily or by pure emergence, it will be difficult to distinguish their creative processes from those of humans and thus to question their real creativity, except on dogmatic grounds. We should expect to see new artistic approaches emerge entirely from artificial artists, and we can already wonder what they will look like and how they will question the world.