Artificial Creatures

Human beings are, above all, animals which are, above all, living beings. Among the fundamental mechanisms of human and non-human beings that I have explored for 30 years by programming them within artificial creatures, there are for example:

– intention (Le Pixel Blanc 1996)

– collective memory (Now Appear! 1997 with Alberto Sorbelli)

– imitation (Machiavel 1998 with Jean-Jacques Birgé, Sparks 1998 with Juha Pekka Marsalo, Myselves 2018 with Jean-Marc Matos and Marianne Masson)

– fear of the other (He Who Keeps the Worm 1998 with Joanna Preiss)

– expression through language (In the library 1995, Le Critique Automatique 1999, Deep Love 2017)

– verbal manipulation (Touche-moi! 1999, Buy Me! 2021)

– the freedom/constraint tension (Vexation #1 2000)

– the individual/group tension (22 Cubes Ensemble 2001, Nabazmob 2006 with Jean-Jacques Birgé, 100 Square Ensemble 2023)

– decision (the solo 2003)

– the attraction/repulsion tension (Threesome 2003)

– the game (Gameplay 2005 with Jean-Marc Matos and Anne Holst, Players of Games 2021)

– the body/external forces tension (with determination 2001, Christ Mourant 2006)

– the body/space tension (Facade Life 2007)

– the gaze of the other (Psychic 2007, Fractal Film 2013 with Delphine Doukhan)

– the relationship to the future (TIME SLIP 2007, Systemic 2010, La Chance 2017)

– the attraction/prohibition tension (Pixel Noir 2010, Carré Blanc 2015, Carré Noir 2016, Black Square 2016)

– crowd behavior (1000 pixels/n+141 2011 with Patrice Belin, War 2015)

– pleasure (Climax 2018 with Hortense Gauthier)

– etc…

A large part of my artistic work therefore consists of delving into anthropology, ethology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, biology, neurology, physical science, etc. to extract deep mechanisms of being (human), reproduce them in the form of programs acting in real time within abstract artificial creatures and make artworks that I confront with spectators to question the human condition. These mechanisms are linked to the body, emotions, the unconscious, intention and decision, relational modes, behaviors, natural reflexes, the capacity for abstraction and language, time, memory and the capacity for anticipation, physical forces, etc… That is to say at deeper and more fundamental infra-language levels than the level of the pure language of generative AIs.