Avec tact

Avec tact

Antoine Schmitt, 1997

Interactive installation

PARIS, France, March 22 1997 — This interactive space on the Web is dedicated to a sense too often ignored in the digital universe: the sense of touch. Leaving aside the traditional usages of image and sound, this space concentrates on the tactile presence of the proposed objects, which have no other legitimacy than the one of existing. A first selection is already accessible here, for your pleasure and with tact.
“Touch is the first sense explored by the new-born. She feels, kneads, hugs, clasps, grips, sucks, chews, shakes, rubs, scratches. This site revives eternal sensations in us. Touch doesn’t lie. This had to be.”
This work ows a lot to the works of John Maeda “The Reactive Square” and especially “Flying Letters” for their formal purity.
For the essence of the behavior, at the heart of my research, I rather used more physical models (gravity, elasticity, etc…) so as to get close to the tactile experience.
To see other interactive and more formal (visual and sound-oriented) experiments, I advise you to go and see servo.
Antoine Schmitt

See the website “Avec tact”

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