Display pixel 3

Display Pixel 3

Antoine Schmitt & Vincent Epplay, 2003


Antoine Schmitt : live programmed visuals
Vincent Epplay : live improvised sound

Following Display Pixel and Display Pixel 2, Display Pixel 3 marks a new step in the collaboration of Vincent Epplay and Antoine Schmitt. In a live setting, Vincent Epplay improvises playing sound and music against reactive semi-autonomous audio and visual scenes programmed by Antoine Schmitt who modulates them live. Unlike classical DJ/VJ setting which vocabulary is collage and juxtaposition, Display Pixel 3 deal with the physical relationships between image, sound, movement and causality : the notion of control and of its loss is central. In a visual universe inspired formally and conceptually by the mechanisms of videogames, the audio fluxes and the singular sounds of Vincent Epplay litterally give life to the scenes programmed by Antoine Schmitt.

The concept of the confrontation of sound and visual systems has been pushed to a radically new level of integration, with the visual systems being directly plugged to the sound streams in order tobe able to analyse and record the sound live and to (re)play them later. The scenes, especially designed and programmed by Antoine Schmitt for the occasion, are activated by the sounds of Vincent Epplay : they react and also act on their own thus triggering back Vincent Epplay’s improvisation, while Antoine Schmitt modulates their behaviors.

Display Pixel 3 : photos on flickr

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