Miss Missing System


Miss missing system

Antoine Schmitt, Vincent Epplay & Joana Preiss, 1999.

Installed in the Zac99 exhibition in the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, on invitation by icono, in October 1999.
“Miss Missing System is an installed sound setup, involving a dialog between a machine and a singer, on the mode of prepared improvisation.
The sound machine is constituted of families of sounds, which development expressed a psychology: internal states, reactive humors, fusion desires…
Miss Missing System is a presence of sound atmosphere continuously waiting. The punctual interventions of the sunger trigger a dialog mode.
The setup is the result of a collaboration between three artists: Vincent Epplay, sound artist, Joana Preiss, singer, Antoine Schmitt, artist-programmer.”

Miss Missing System comes from a team work process which also yielded infinite CD for unlimited music, the first infinite CD, as well as various working tools around the notion of generative partition and organized real-time mixing tools.

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