Propolis Swarm

l’Essaim (Swarm)
Nocturnal perennial generative light installation for facade

Proposal for the architectural project Propolis
with the architects studios Studio Bellecour, MAAJ , commissionned by Edelis
for the Bruneseau neighborhood, Paris 13.
Non-winning project

At night, a swarm of lights moves on the facade. It slowly glides along the borders and windows like a nocturnal animal. It scatters and regroups swiftly like a bird swarm, it joyfully spreads on the whole facade like a population of fireflies, gathers and calms down on the slopes of the roof…

It is an organic movement, fluide, alive, a tamed animal which inhabits the facade like its territory, and which it thus reveals to us. Its body is made of light, soft, ethereal, agile.

It wakes up at dusk, draws it energy in the wind and the sun, resonates with the energies of the inhabitants of the building, slowly calms down and disappears at dawn.

Invisible from inside the apartments, the inhabitants can see it in real time on their smartphones or their screens, evolving on a virtual model of the building, and even play with it like a little wild cat.

It can be seen from far away also, it is always different, unpredictable depending on the moment, the hour, the day.

It is a mysterious presence, friendly, soft, sensitive. An inhabitant amongst inhabitants.


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