WE:MANTRA Experience

iOS app : available on the App Store.


WE:MANTRA EXPERIENCE is an audio-visual generative and interactive app that proposes an immersive experience in the world of WE:MANTRA. A specially composed generative music of drones, electronic sounds and sitar develops infinitely while an interactive visual piece endlessly draws ancestral symmetrical shapes.

The music of mantra is particularly well adapted to the concepts of generative music, where music is created on the fly, according to composition rules. A literal translation of the word “mantra” would be “instrument of thought”. The rules of the music of WE:MANTRA EXPERIENCE are inspired by the mantras, and aim to replace the phonemes traditionally pronounced by complementary and repeated sounds. They are enhanced by contemporary rhythmic additions. A small programmed AI follows the rules and creates music indefinitely, always different, always similar.

Visual symmetry is a very ancestral shape, related to abstraction, cosmogony and magic. In WE:MANTRA EXPERIENCE, an eight-symmetry shape slowly develops autonomously, creating endlessly changing forms, ranging from large stars to infinitely small laces. With various gestures on the touchscreen, you can alter and control the creation of these shapes by changing the speed and dynamics of the autonomous movement. Or you can just watch it evolve by itself.

WE:MANTRA EXPERIENCE provides an infinite, cosmogonic, universal and inner experience.

WE:MANTRA is a group of three artists, Don Niño, Cubenx and Antoine Schmitt, who explore the concept of mantra in a contemporary way, through a series of audio-visual shows, EP releases and mobile apps. More info on www.wemantra.net

WE:MANTRA EXPERIENCE does not contain ads nor in-app sales. Thanks for supporting and buying ! iOS app : available on the App Store.

Programming, visuals : Antoine Schmitt
Music : Don Niño and Cubenx
Logo : Sylvie Astié

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