22 cubes ensemble

22 cubes ensemble

Antoine Schmitt 2001,
Tribute to Steve Reich.

Visual and audio generative installation. Computer, specific program, videoprojector and soundsystem.

Creation : October 2001

-November 2001 : in concert (with Vincent Epplay) at the batofar (Paris) – Virus Festival.
– April 5 to May 5 2002 : in Kontrollfelder/Control Panels, a group exhibition – hartware medien kunst verein, Dortmund (DE) – curators: Andreas Broeckmann and Matthias Weiss
– September 21-28 2002 : in the new media section of the 7th International Festival of New Film (Split – Croatia)
– September 14-28 2002 : in L’épicerie in the Cétinié contemporary art biennale (Montenegro).

22 visual and audio cubes in autonomous rotation. Each cube is independant, but all play together. Rapid rythm, slow autonomous evolutions.

In between the hard and the soft, the lonesome and the crowd, the synchronous and the asynchronous, the predefined and the autonomous, the synesthetic and the serendipity, the full and the destructured, the totalitarian and the free-will, the imposition and the proposition.

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