AGRM-NG (Abstract Generative Radion Mix New Generation)

Antoine Schmitt & Vincent Epplay, 2003.

Vincent Epplay: concept, samples design, composition
Antoine Schmitt: concept, programming, composition

Production : Vincent Epplay and Antoine Schmitt

Abstract Generative Radio Mix New Generation (AGRM-NG) is a generator of radio mix for the Web. It is an applet which, each time it is listened to, generates a specific radio mix. Each mix is different, but all stems from a single matrix.

Creation Process
A software tool for editiong the rules has been developped for the occasion. It allows the samples management as well as the definition and test of the rules. (see snapshots below)
The mixes produced by the generator being all unique, a long tuning period was required so as to obtain a great variability in the mixes all the while keeping a certain personality, a style.
This was all the more difficult as the technical constraints of the web (size and number of samples) requires to work from a small amount of audio material.

Online AGRM-NG

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