Ballets Quantiques

  • Quantum Ballets

    Antoine Schmitt 2011

    series of installations :
    Ballet Quantique 7 : 101
    Ballet Quantique 50 : 401
    Ballet Quantique 100 : 811
    Ballet Quantique 400 : 2503
    Ballet Quantique 1000 : 10007

    Computer, screen, wooden frame, specific algorithm.

    Running time : infinite
    Size : 57 x 40 x 6 cm
    3 copies + 1 artist copy

    The Ballets Quantiques (Quantum Ballets) are infinite generative visual artworks, each one staging a choreography of a crowd of pixels displaying apparently arbitrary and independent movements, but all actually programmed by the same quantum-type equation. This global underlying organisation manifests itself from time to time through unexpected and fugacious alignments or groupings, which the eye barely has the time grasp, with awe and delectation. This series of artworks deals with the invisible forces at stake behing complex systems, like particles, peoples or societies.

    Each Ballet Quantique is carefully crafted around the relationships of a certain number of pixels and a given equation.