Big Bang workshop


The goal of this workshop is to give the possibility to the users to program the forces of the Big Bang, the fundamental forces of the cosmos, to create likely, alternative and even impossible universes… This is done through an easily playable and/or programmable interface. The universes are visual, based on white particles on black background. They can be projected on large screens or on white walls.


– either : free access computers (with possibly mediators)
– either : directed workshop : 2h, about 10 people, age 4 minimum


Thousands of pixel-particles are subject to invisible forces that make them move. Their individual and group movements reflect the forces at stake, in the form of flux, groupings, scatterings, spirals, swarming, etc… which look like the fundamental shapes of the cosmos, galaxies, stars, clouds, etc.. Everything is in perpetual movement.


The interface is accessible on a screen with keyboard and mouse (or trackpad). Each force or constant is visible and modifiable in two ways : either with a slider (for the youngests), either textually by changing the code. All the modifications have an immediate effect on the movements of the particles.

There is a Reset button, in case of irreversible explosion of the univers and a Big Bang button to restart the universe. And two buttons to show/hide the two interfaces (sliders and code).


The workshop requires computers (Mac or Windows) with screens, keyboard and mouse (or trackpad), with a ratio of one computer for 1 or 2 people.

A videoprojector can also be plugged, to project the particles on a wall.


It is a workshop accessible to the youngests (no reading skills) to the less young with a desire to play with the programming code.

It is visually quite fascinating by the shapes that it generates and the power that it offers.

The videoprojections present a kind of show almost autosuffisant and a creativity on the scenography is possible.

Past and upcoming workshops

APR 2016 : Gaité Lyrique (Paris) : directed workshop
FEB 2018 : Joigny (France) : open workshop
MAR 2018 : Centre Pompidou (Paris) : open workshop, Fête du Code Créatif
JUL 2018 : Centre Pompidou (Paris) : open workshop, Exposition Coder le monde

Centre Pompidou, Fête du Code Créatif
Centre Pompidou, Fête du Code Créatif
Centre Pompidou, Fête du Code Créatif
  Centre Pompidou, Fête du Code Créatif (Photo : Corinne Leborgne)


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