Black Square

Black Square
Antoine Schmitt 2016

Generative video

Screen, specific program, computer, wooden frame
57 x 40 x 6 cm
Duration : infinite

Black Square confronts a flock of white particles moving under natural laws with an invisible square which is almost impenetrable, and thus appears black. An immemorial and endless struggle between abstraction and reality, language and nature.

The square figure does not appear in nature, it is a sign of (human) culture. Malevitch considers the square as the manifestation of human potential for creation, of its suprematism over Nature. Heraclite states that all forms are born out of conflicts. But what conflict gave birth to the square ? Black Square embodies the endless fierce but irreconcilable struggle between the most abstract of all shapes, the shape without a cause, the square, with the forces of nature.

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