Courrier du coeur


Love letters

Internet performance with Cynthia Delbart, 1995.

Exhibited in October 1995, on the web site Web just from Cynthia of Alberto Sorbelli, in the exhibition X/Y in the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
Probably one of the first collaborative performances through internet : on the web site, a page incited the visitors to communicate with a character, who would answer through the web site. The character was Cynthia, the egery of the site and CD-Rom just from Cynthia of Alberto Sorbelli, character whom nobody knew if it was real or not. In the piece Courrier du Coeur, it was played by Cynthia Delbart.
The visitors could send emails to Cyntha, opening their heart, and she would answer by publishing on the sit a photo answering the question.

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