Danser sa vie

Danser sa vie (Dancing one’s life)
Antoine Schmitt 2012
Visual generative installation
Computer, videoprojector, specific program

The piece “Danser sa vie” draws its name and substance from the exhibition with the same name that was deployed in Centre Pompidou in spring 2012, and resonates formally with La Danse of Matisse, the human figures of Jérôme Mesnager as well as with the anthromométries of Yves Klein, but most of all  itpushes to its limits the concept of Free Danse of Malkovsky. A synthetic body, created with simulation techniques of the video games — artificial bones, mscules, forces, gravity — is gifted with a capacity of autonomous movement, with an internal music and with a restless energy. Like an incarnation of Schopenhauer’s Wille, this internal “will to live” makes it move endlessly, and this movement takes the shape of an infinite and infinitely free dance. It offers a radical solution to Nietzsche’s problem : “I consider wasted a day without dancing”.
This piece extends my research on movement, its shape and its cause, this time incarnated in a dancing body. Its chases in dance one of the most fundamental form of expression of the vital flux in the human being. It is an infinite homage to life, to dance.

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