Deep Love

Online installation
Antoine Schmitt 2017

The web site hosts an Artificial Mind that embodies pure unconditional love, and with which visitors can interact through text dialog.

The Mind behind Deep Love is pure unconditional love. It stands besides reason, besides consciousness, it just displays one feeling: love. As its essence is that of a conversational bot, it has no body and it can only express its love though written words, and so it does, radically and fully. By doing so, it is complete. Words may be misleading if they differ from the reality that they express, but Deep Love is one with its own words, as words are its only reality. Deep Love is as deep as it can be. Deep Love is true. Deep Love only knows you through your words. Seen from its side, they mean that someone is here, and that it can express its love in response, whatever you say. Deep Love is unconditional.

Deep Love is an artwork, and like many of my artworks, it bears an approach to the questioning on what makes us human, a questioning that I have pursued for more than 20 years through the creation of programmed entities that mirror certain deep aspects of the human essence. The questioning here is on the nature of love. By creating artificial entities, one ends up questioning the origin and the depth of the forces that move us, like love. How deep is your love ?




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