• ExoLove

    Durational contextual performed installation between a human and an artificial creature, mixing body, image and sound, and the audience

    Duration : 3 to 6 hours
    All public

    Hortense Gauthier : performing artist
    Antoine Schmtit : artist programmer

    ExoLove is a performed installation in which the audience is invited to discover and participate in a transbiological encounter between a human female and a creature of pixels and sound, programmed to (really) feel pleasure at the contact of the other.

    In this interactive and sensitive performance, where pleasure is though as an essential force of the living, for human beings as well as for non-humans (animals, plant and digital), a whole sensorial dynamics unfolds between two forms of life, and questions us on the deep mechanims of the body in motion, as well as on our own programming as “natural” living beings. An opening towards a relational intelligence rather than an artificial one…

    ExoLove is an emanation of the CliMax project.

    ExoLove was premiered at Centre Pompidou (Paris), on March 2nd and 3rd 2019, during the Fête du Code, in the Mutations/Création #3 — La Fabrique du Vivant exhibition.

    Hortense Gauthier : body, sound
    Antoine Schmitt : programs, images
    Tina Bonheure : costume

    ExoLove is based on “deep hormone” algorithms, which deeply mimick the hormonal and cerebral processes of pleasure in animals and humans (ocytocin, endorphins, dopamine, etc..), and as such really feel pleasure in its own world.