Extra ball

Interactive installation/performance for pinball, 2011

Idea : Patricia Dallio
Interactive work : Antoine Schmitt
Graphic work : Malte Martin
Music work : Uriel Barthélémi & Patricia Dallio
Programming music assistant : Nicolas Déflache
Programming graphic assistant : Stéphane Buellet
Rehabilitation and technical scenography of pinball : Flavien Racine & Olivier Charlet
Interactive hardware interfaces : InterfaceZ – Francis Bras
Sound and light : Nicolas Colson

The Pinball becomes a platform for a visual, sound and sensorial experience, which encompasses the player and spectators. By turns, each spectator throws the ball and each play generates a new experience to be discovered.

The pinball machine keeps its original structure but is no longer an ordinary pinball because all graphic codes are modified. It is the center of the exhibition/show : the pinball is the star. The set design is conceived as a spectacular installation.

Each spectator can become a player.
Each play leads to a sound ans visual event.

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