Le Grand O


Le Grand O (The Great C)

Interactive installation
16 halogen light bulbs, controlers, electronics, program

Le Grand O (The Great C) is an alignment of 16 halogen light bulbs standing on the fllor on a length of 6 meters. These lights blink, pulsate, with a great symmetry and an organization which seems mathematical. The lamps emit a sizzling sound link to their luminosity. The approach of spectators distrubs this perfect symmetry, chaos appears in the blinkings, until after a few moments, a new order appears.

Le Grand O, like the calculator of Leibniz able of all thoughts, perseveres in its computational nature, in an impossible but always renewed quest to compute the surrounding world.

Produced for the solo exhibition Etre Machine, in the Centre d’Art Les Eglises of Chelles (FR) from Sept 9 to Nov 7th 2021.
Production : La Ville de Chelles
Co-production : SIANA
Support : CITEOS, les Ateliers Municipaux de Chelles
With the precious help from Lou Fournier, Aurélien Giraudet and Renaud Codron for the setup
Thanks to Hortense Gauthier and Fanny Bordier for their cristalline eye

Photos : Quentin Chevrier

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