Light Shadows

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Light Shadows explores the realm of the shadows of light produced at night on our ceiling, floor or walls by the interaction of our window, its shape and size, with the positions, intensities, positions and movements of lights from the outside. Like in Plato’s cave, from our bed we see the result of complex interactions happening far from our reach. We can just accept them as an abstract composition, or let them tell us stories of the outside world that we can only guess.

A specific living scene is constructed at each mint. Each scene is unique, some events or situations are rare. Some scenes are very lively, some are very calm, even totally fixed. Some are minimal, some are maximal. The rarest is totally black with no lights ever. It may never happen. There are various shapes of windows : large bays, prison windows, windows with shutters, double windows, grid windows, etc.. There are passing cars, suspended lights which oscillate, blinking signs, rare police cars, street lights of various intensities.

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