Pixel Noir

Pixel Noir

Antoine Schmitt 2010

Black square painting, computer, videoprojector, specific program
Variable size

Pixel Noir is a visual generative installation. A moving shape constituted of a flock of videoprojected white pixels inhabits the whole surface of a white wall, but shows a compulsive attraction for a black square painting hung at its center, without ever being able to penetrate it : she rubs against it, hits it, bounces on it, leaves, comes back, etc… The generative choreography that guides the pixels, built on a language of psychological and physical forces, indefinitely explores all the variations of the dynamics of obsessive relationship between the moving entity and the static black square.

Through the contact of the pixels of light against the physical matter and by the direct reference to Kasimir Malevitch’s Carré Noir sur Fond Blanc, this artwork articulates my formal research around the programmation of movement with a reflexion on the relationships between programmed art and Art History.

Pixel Noir : photos on Flickr

Pixel Noir : press

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