Pixel Single

Pixel Single

Generative installation
Light, electronics, program

Pixel Single is a square light pulsating in white, of 30cm wide hung on th ewall or from the ceiling, like a light box. It blinks, at a human speed, that is at 240bpm (4 times the heart beat), which is also a musical rhythm. The Morse code that it uses is designed to be readable by humans and carries the desire to communicate. The message is insisting, but unknown.

Pixel Single is fully embodied in a desperate quest : to reproduce itself by sending to the world in Morse code its own source code, which is it DNA, in the hope that someone will decode it and finally clone it, fullfilling its deep nature of information destined to be duplicated. But it is alone, a single machine, with light as its sole mean of communication.

Produced for the solo exhibition Etre Machine, in the Centre d’Art Les Eglises of Chelles (FR) from Sept 9 to Nov 7th 2021.
Production : La Ville de Chelles
Co-production : SIANA
Support : CITEOS, les Ateliers Municipaux de Chelles
With the precious help from Lou Fournier, Aurélien Giraudet and Renaud Codron for the setup
Thanks to Hortense Gauthier and Fanny Bordier for their cristalline eye


Photos : Quentin Chevrier

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