Some possible questions

Some possible questions

September 2000


The noise and the strange noise

You are walking in the forest at night.

Suddenly, there is a noise in the dark, nearby. You halt, listening frightfully. In a few seconds, you deeply know if the origin of the noise is a thing (inocuous) or an animal (non-inocuous). If it is a noise or a strange noise.

What happens during these few seconds ? What mechanisms take place inside you ? What qualitative elements differenciate a noise from a strange noise ?


The alien

More generally, if, one day, we were to encounter an alien from outer space, how would we know that it is an alien, and not a rock, a cloud or a dust ?

What differentiates something from somebody ? The Being and the Non-Being?


Why does it move, like this ?

Maybe the fundamental question. What are the forces behind the movements?
These movements have a shape: what forces for what shapes ?
Some shapes have a quality (aesthetic, emotional, …). What are the qualities of the underlying forces ?

What are their mode of existence ? At which level do they play ? What are our relationships with them ? What relationships between the forces inside us and the forces outside us ? Where are we in the middle of these forces ?


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