Quantic Space Ballet

Quantic Space Ballet
Antoine Schmitt 2016

Generative Immaterial Sculpture
in Augmented Reality
20m x 20m x 20m
Only visible in augmented reality on smartphone, in public space, all around the spectator.

The atoms of our body work according to the same quantum laws as the whole universe and resonate with it. In Quantic Space Ballet, 1000 black cubic pixels move in space in apparent complexity, but actually all ruled by the same quantum-type equation (frequencies all integer multiple of one another), thus creating a global dynamic structure in which the spectator gets immersed, included, protected, energized, deconstructed and reconstructed. Quantic Space Ballet puts us in relation with the quantum equations and mechanisms at work behind the screen of perceived reality.

Made with the support of Galerie Plateforme Paris and of Augment.com

Exhibitions :
2016 : Plateforme Paris
2017 : Award Stuttgart Filmwinter (nominated)

Quantic Space Ballet

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