Rush Hour

Video : Rush Hour at Futur En Scène, Terra Dynamica, CITU (Paris, 2013) Material : CITU, Installation : Centquatre, Logistics : Marion Chapel


Rush Hour
Antoine Schmitt 2013

Plasma screen, computer, specific program.

Pixels reproduce the movements of people at rush hour.

Duration infinite
Size variable

Rush Hour is an art installation which exploits the aesthetic potential of crowd movement inspired by real life. It is a formal, abstract, minimalist work, devoid of all realistic representation or figure : each individual is represented by a moving white pixel. These artworks concentrate solely on the behavior as such, on the tension between inner intentions and emergent motifs, between individual behavior and social dynamics. It stands on the limit between intelligibility and chaos.

Depending on the declinations, the crowd movements are captured in real life, in real time or from recordings, or else they are created by programmed simulations of real life situations.

Rush Hour concentrates on movements in open public space : pedestrians on public squares, cars moving in the street, etc.. that is all these situations where individuals intentions structure themselves one relatively to the others and to urban rules (red lights, circulation tracks, traffic jams, etc..).

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