Still living

Still Living

Antoine Schmitt 2006

Series of installations
Second prize transmediale 2007

The still living series of visual installations revolves around the concept of living graphics : graphics using immediately readable visual codes – pie-charts, bars, curves, etc… – but animated by the same internal forces that they are supposed to describe. The sign and the thing become one. Each artwork is infinite and autonomous, a particular delicate situation : a still life, but living.

With this new setup, my main intention at the level of my personal practice is to approach the subject of the living, the human and the nature of reality in a fresh and new way. Also, at the artistic level, this series allows me to explore in a more precise manner the “aesthetics of the action” that programming as a material enables. Finally, still living takes a voluntarily political stand by making the living pulsate under the ubiquitous charts of our daily life.

These installations are designed to be exhibited in public or exhibition space, on individual screens or projections of human size, in a sober and minimal way : business style.

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