A/V Concert

Franck Vigroux (music)
Antoine Schmitt (images)


Just after the big bang, the universe was completely shapeless, filled with matter and energy, but irregularities were born , which became atoms, suns and planets… Within the primitive soup on Earth, indistinct molecules started to group as bacterias, to become life, animals, humans… Tempest recreates the sound and fury of these original maelstroms within which it searches for the origin of form, it looks for other forms.

Audio and visual performance, Tempest associates the analog instruments of Franck Vigroux with the visual algorithms of Antoine Schmitt, to create a real system-universes of pure chaos, that can be seen in the movements of millions of particles and can be heard through the roaring of air. By manipulating the internal forces of this chaos, the performers give birth to audio and visual shapes that develop in time, with more or less stability, more or less evidence.

Production, distribution, conditions, technical rider : cie dautrescordes

Site of Franck Vigroux

Interview in Code-in[ART]

Photos on Flickr

“Your concert saved my life.
I was in depression and the experience of your concert made me understand that hope is never lost
and that it is always possible to start over” (a spectator)


Dates :

7-16jan12 Ososphère Festival – La Coop (Strasbourg, FR)
12jan13 : DATABAZ (Angoulème, FR)
30jan13 : Scènes Croisées — Mende (FR)
10apr13 : Centre Culturel Bellegarde (Toulouse, FR)
19apr13 : Festival Störung – Barcelona (SP)
24may13 : Festival Bruits Blancs – Anis Gras, Arcueil (FR)
31may13 : Festival Mutek – Montréal (CA)
30aug13 : Festival Flussi – Avellino (IT)
26sept13 : Festival CRAK– Eglise Saint Merri, Paris (FR)
31OCT13 : Seconde Nature – Festival Chroniques des Mondes Possibles – Aix en Provence (FR)
30JAN14 : stereolux – Nantes (FR)
7FEB14 : Festival Sound Surrounds- e-Werk – Freiburg (DE)
17MAY14 : Musée d’Art Moderne – Saint-Etienne (FR)
8MAR15 : Espace Gantner (Bourogne, FR)
28MAR15 : Le Hublot (Nice, FR)
19SEPT15 : Festival Horizon Parallèle, Château Comtal (Carcassonne, FR)
9OCT15 : Festival NEMO, Philharmonie de Paris (Paris, FR)
7FEB16 : Planetarium – Lieu Multiple (Poitiers, FR)
31MAR16 : Centre Pompidou-Metz
15APR16 : Festival Kernmacherei – Villingen-Schwenningen (DE)
27SEPT16 : Institut Français – DLD Days (Tel Aviv, Israel)
23 NOV16 : Festival Bruits Blancs – Anis Gras (Arcueil, Fr)
1-3FEB17 : White Box (NYC, USA)
5FEB17 : Le Laboratoire (Cambridge, MA, USA)
8FEB17 : Grey Area (San Francisco, CA, USA)
31MAY17 : SOU Festival (Tbilissi, Georgia)
1JUL17 : Arsenal (Metz, FR)
23SEPT17 : Festival Orizonti Paralleli (Porto Vecchio, FR)
2DEC17 : Festival TADAEX (Tehran, Iran)
3MAR18 : Fête du Code Créatif – Centre Pompidou (Paris, FR)
27SEPT18 : Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico, MX)
6NOV18 : Alliance Française (Arequipa, PE)
7NOV18 : Téatro Francés Alliance Française (Lima, PE)
10NOV18 : SP Urban Festival (Sao Paulo, BR)

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