The Players of Games

The Players of Games

Generative installation
3 moving head stage lights, electronics, program

The Players of Games are three light square of 30cm wide which move according to each others, on the walls and the floor, in rapid or slow movements. They align, chase each other, hide, etc.. Very dynamic, projected by stage lights hung to the ceiling, they inhabit the whole space, including the floor where stand the spectators. Their movements seem to have some rules, but remain mysterious.

The Players of Games explore the realm of possible games of three players, as well as all their variants, which they play one after the other. They infinitely and systematically exhaust their algorithms stemming from game theory, economic, social and political simulations, trading, and of course school playground, but now totally detached from the world of humans.

Produced for the solo exhibition Etre Machine, in the Centre d’Art Les Eglises of Chelles (FR) from Sept 9 to Nov 7th 2021.
Production : La Ville de Chelles
Co-production : SIANA
Support : CITEOS, les Ateliers Municipaux de Chelles
With the precious help from Lou Fournier, Aurélien Giraudet and Renaud Codron for the setup
Thanks to Hortense Gauthier and Fanny Bordier for their cristalline eye

Photos : Quentin Chevrier

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