• War series

    Series of generative visual artworks
    LCD screen, computer, specific program
    107 x 63 cm
    running time : infinite

    Antoine Schmitt 2015

    War is the delicate situation par excellence in which humans have been immersed since the mists of time. Humans are the only species (with ants) to go to war. It is in its genes. Our ancestors were warriors, we are their descendants. We are the products of immemorial slaughters. Contemporary forms of war are no less bloody and no less harsh than ancestral wars, they just take more varied forms. The War series features infinite generative animations of war situations. They are real wars between inexhaustible armies of pixels programmed to fight and kill each other. They are carnages (of pixels), large abstract warfare frescoes, of cathartic effect.


    (click on images to see videos – allow time to load uncompressed and thus high quality video)




    Burning From The Inside


    Kiss Of Death


    Last Chance






    Dance To Death


    Viper’s nest