Don Niño – Cubenx – Antoine Schmitt

In August 2012 , the record label Infiné proposes a collaboration between french anglophone musician Don Niño and mexican electronic musician and producer Cubenx. It is in La Carriere du Normandoux where the two musicians reveal a mesmerizing first creation, with ancestral sitar riffs wrapped in layers of keyboards and minimalist electronics, enchanting 600 spectators. The success of this first experience encourages Don Niño and Cubenx to create the project WE:MANTRA in 2013, enhanced by the arrival of installation artist Antoine Schmitt.

we:mantra is a concert/performance combining music and video art.

Musically it’s centered around the Indian sitar and vintage analog keyboards laid out over electronic minimalist rhythms.

The nine “Moods” of traditional Indian music are explored by musicians during the concert (cosmic, heroic, erotic, scary, wonderful…) in retro-futuristic mantras. Visually, Antoine Schmitt creates live a generative world rich of minimalism and ancestral forms .

The premiere of this show took place at the Scopitone Festival in Nantes Stereolux in September 2013.

Official web site

Don Niño web site

Cubenx web site

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