100 Squares Ensemble

100 Squares Ensemble
Antoine Schmitt 2023

Generative artwork
Size variable
Duration infinite
Unique copy

Commissioned by BROICH Digital Art Museum via DAM Projects Berlin

Exhibited in A la recherche de Vera Molnar – Ludwig Museum Budapest (Hu) – 10 FEB 2024 – 14 APR 2024

In the spirit of my piece 22 Cubes Ensemble (2002) and inspired by the “100 carrés qui se bousculent” (1986) by Vera Molnar, 10×10 equally spaced squares rotate around their own center, both autonomously and as an ensemble with an invisible conductor.

100 Squares Ensemble is a research on the qualities of movements of individuals inside an organized group. There is a tension between the group behavior, the individuality of each square and the way they influence each other.

The period and phase of their movements change over time, according both to their inner score, to the directives of the conductor and to the influence of surrounding squares. They may synchronize or not, in phase or period, they may display a strong individual behavior that will influence the others, or not. The overall effect evolves indefinitely over time, leading to delicate chaos and strong moments.

References :
22 Cubes Ensemble (2002)
Vera Molnar “100 carrés qui se bousculent” (1986)