Ballet Quantique 3:14

Digital animated necklace
In collaboration with the Nubi digital jewels.

OLED screen, black matte brass.
3.8 x 3.8 x 1.6 cm

Numbered edition of 20

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“The Ballets Quantiques are inscribed in Antoine Schmitt’s work which deals with the processes of movement, its causes and its shapes. Here it is about interrogating hidden order behind apparent chaos. In Ballet Quantique 3:14, fourteen white squares seem to slide each on an apparently random trajectory, but these lead them nonetheless to cross perfectly, to align by two, three or four, and in fine to gather all together exactly at the center of the scene at regular intervals, because they are actually all managed by the same equation inspired by quantum mechanics.
The underlying equation of Ballet Quantique 3:14 has been specifically designed for the physical characteristics of the Nubi jewel in order to create a perfect loop. The minimalist aesthetic of Schmitt constituted of white squares dialogues cleverly with the shape of the jewel which it deconstructs, all the while focalizing the attention on movement as such. Stories appear and vanish, all is written.”


About Nubi

After studying the sociology of scientific knowledge at La Sorbonne University and at the EHESS (School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences), Aude MORANDAT decided to complement her theoretical knowledge about the digital revolution by studying IT at the Paris Diderot University. After working for 2 years as an IT consultant, she created NUBI to focus on digital creation and explore the digital revolution from a non-functional dimension. She felt that this dimension was neglected.
With the financial support from OSEO and INPI, she was able to materialise her idea to deconstruct a piece of jewellery and create the first NUBI. NUBI digital pieces of jewellery go beyond the digital revolution. NUBI is not only a customisable accessory but also a material as well as a diffusion platform for contemporary artists. NUBI jewels are equipped with a software to import your own creations. There is also the possibility to download the creations of emerging artists. Finally, NUBI also collaborates with well-established artists (Miguel Chevalier, Julio Le Parc) to produce limited numbered editions.
NUBI even brings a new dimension to the conception and manufacturing stages. The prototype emanates from a close collaboration between designers, craftsmen, artists and engineers. The France-based manufacturing process involves firms specialized in the small electro IT series and craftsmen using both traditional (gilding, cartonage) and innovative skills (laser-based engraving and cutting and 3D printing).
The co-creations in limited series are numbered and digitally signed by the artist.


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