Bosuil Lights Quartet : Music for city windows

  • Bosuil Lights Quartet : Music for city windows

    Antoine Schmitt, 2012

    Endless generative visual composition for artificial windows. Artwork for the Bosuil neighbourghood in Deurne, Antwerp. Commission by the District of Deurne.

    Bosuil Lights Quartet : Music for city windows is a dynamic light-based installation in which a visual generative composition is being played by four artificial windows respectively placed on the four high buildings of the Bosuil neighbourghood. These additional windows look like normal windows with a single white internal light, except that these lights pulsate on a musical rhythm. The four windows are like four instruments each with its own track : they pulse differently but together, like a musical quartet. The visual music is generative : it is composed using algorithmic rules that ensures that it is different every night, forever. The inspiration for the composition revolves around the idea of four quiet nightwatch bosuil (owls) withblinking eyes : peaceful, organic,repetitive, poly-rhythmic and meditative. The four windows are placed close to the top of the building to ensure maximum visibility, it is a land mark. They are the size of a normal window (about 2m x 2m) and are the same brightnessas a normal window. The color is a warm white. During the day, the windows are just turned off, but create expectations and questions by their sole obviously additional presence. Inhabitants can also participate by playing the composition live on their internet browser in their homes or on their smartphone. By connecting to a special web page, their full screen pulsates in rhythm with the four bosuil lights. Bosuil Lights Quartet : Music forcity windows generates a peaceful feeling, for ever different and interesting, discreet but visible from far away : a living presence for the neighbourhood.