Façade Life

Façade Life

Antoine Schmitt 2007
Monumental generative installation on facade


Facade Life is a monumental active installation on facade.

In Facade Life, an abstract visual shape endlessly paces on a facade, in relationship to its architectural elements. It slides on the borders, hits the window frames, bounces on the door sides, circulates in the available spaces. It inhabits it. Algorithms of artificial life and physical equations recreate the behavior of an abstract wild tiger in a cage : a nervous body, free but confined.

Facade Life is issued from an artistic principle where existing facades are re-interpreted by programmed dynamics shapes, to initiate a dialectics between physical reality and a parallel level of reality.


The Facade Life installations are site-specific installations, ephemeral or persistent, but always unique. Outside, they function only at night, but inside they can be permanent. They can be monumental (size of a building, more than one façade, …) or the size of a room.


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