Le critique automatique


The automatic art critic

Computer, specific dictionaries, text generation algorithm. Not interactive.

Antoine Schmitt, 1999.

Specific programming: Antoine Schmitt
Text generation software: Jean-Pierre Balpe
Thanks: Anne-Gaëlle Balpe

Installation, designed to be videoprojected on a wall, or shown on a screen, in the context of an exhibition. The duration is infinite, there is no end.

Exhibited in the “anomos deconnexion” exhibit, in the Web Bar (Paris), in April 1999.
 Included, in print version, in the (+33)01 contemporary art magazine, in July 2002. Zero-six edition.

Le Critique Automatique generates one after the other critical texts about contemporary artists. It is very skilled in using the typical contemporary art lingo. Each text is about 10 lines long and is different from the previous one. One text stays about 10 seconds on screen and is then replaced by the next one, and this endlessly. The names of the artists change at every exhibition : they are the names of the other artists of the exhibition.
For technical reasons (it is programmed in Hypercard), the Critique Automatique cannot be shown online.

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