Antoine Schmitt, 2004
Online installation.
Inspired by many novels of Philip K. Dick

The puppetpresident is an online installation, in which the spectator enters in direct chat communication with the puppetpresident, a fictional character, both puppet and president.

The puppetpresident is an original artwork designed and created by Antoine Schmitt. The character named puppetpresident presented on this site is purely fictional and programmed. All the answers of the character are fictional and should not be mistaken for the answers of any real life person. All analogy with any real life person, past or present, is purely coincidental.

For the future, time will tell.

The puppetpresident was created using a ready-made chatterbot engine called A.L.I.C.E., driven by the standard chat rules written by Dr Wallace and distributed on the pandorabots web site, customized to give life to the puppetpresident. Many layers of personality thus coexist and interact inside the puppetpresident, making it the one and only puppetpresident, both real puppet and real president.


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