Antoine Schmitt, 2010

Site specific interactive and programmed installation
Variable size
Duration : infinite
Computer, specific program, surveillance camera, videoprojector(s)

Systemic is an interactive monumental site-specific installation which consists in the re-interpretation of an existing public place through the videoprojection on its architectural elements of a population of extremely dynamic white vectors which they thus inhabit and which incarnate the invisible forces at stake within the structures of the building. Sensitive to humans which pass by, they also reinterpret the forces of movement and of intention around and between the visitors, and between the visitors and the building. Very fluid, dynamic, autonomous, gifted of individual and group behavior, these force vectors proceed by attraction, repulsion, curiosity, boredom, desire, free will and crowd psychology. Swarming, they inhabit the floor, the walls and the ceiling of the place, which they consider their territory and which slightest corners they know by heart, and which they slide and brush against in a physical manner.

Systemic is particularly well suited to public spaces inhabited by many forces and levels of reality, and of which it proceeds to a dynamic reinterpretation with a global systemic angle which even humans are part of. Their arrow shape refers both to the signage of these places, to the formalism of forces in maths and physics and to pointing arrows, which are all signs of movement and intention.

Systemic is an extremely amazing monumental installation, with its quasi-sublime dimensions, with its fascinating dynamics, with the friction light-matter, while at the same time referring to metaphysical questioning about the invisible forces at stake, both in the architectural and the human systems.

Systemic is part of a personal artistic approach started 15 years ago and focalized on the shapes of forces at stake, and in a general process of confrontation of this approach with traditional fields of creations like music, dance or architecture. From this confrontation to architecture, are already born two installations : the Mobile-lines (2000), First Prize of the outdoor installations at Festival Interférences (Belfort, FR) and Facade Life (2007) created at iMAL (Bruxelles, BE) and shown in several countries and festivals. Systemic (2010) takes on and unifies the intentions developed in these two installations in a systemic approach which gives its name to the installation.

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