Generative NFT
Antoine Schmitt 2022
Pure javascript

UkraineWar2022 is a generative artwork which stages a war of pixels programmed to fight, where red pixels coming from all sides attack the yellow and blue pixels at the center of the screen. There is an infinite attacking army but also an infinite power and energy of the defendants.

The pixels are programmed to go towards the enemy army and search for enemy pixels. When two enemy pixels meet, they fight with a 50% chance each of winning, the loosing pixel dies and immediately disappears, a new pixel of the same army is created at the source. The winning pixel continues its course. By the game of chance and randomness, the front line evolves over time, but the general equilibrium is maintained. Or is it really ?

UkraineWar2022 is a variation of my War series and describes the ukrainian war, with Russia being the clear attacker and Ukraine defending itself from inside.

Apart from denouncing this attack, this NFT supports the defenders efforts, by fueling their energy. Indeed, 50% of the benefits of the sales of this NFT is directly sent to the wallet of the Come Back Alive foundation, a foundation that raises cryptomoney to support the resistance efforts of Ukraine.

See, or buy, artwork on the TEIA platform.

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