Hortense Gauthier, performing artist
Antoine Schmitt, installation artist

Interactive performance between a human female and an artificial creature programmed for pleasure
mixing body, image and sound (20 minutes)


CliMax is the encounter between a human female and an artificial creature programmed to feel pleasure. In mutual ecstasy, these two organisms, one immaterial and one of flesh, inspire each other in an orgasmic spiral to explore the movements and intensities of pleasure beyond the binarities and biological categories.

In an experience of mutual possession, where erotic flows of the body, telluric breaths and generative vitality of the machine intermix, what are the circulations of the power of desire ? Can a body make a creature of pixels come to climax ? How can this digital matter programmed along physiological principles generate delight and experience desire ?

Sensorial exploration of the meteorological possibles of pleasure, CliMax opens a trance that connects the deep organic energies of the body and vitality of the program to the cosmologic energies of desire.


– 22SEPT18 Festival Zou! Hameau de la Brousse (FR)
– JUN19 : SiciliaQueerFestival, Palermo (IT)
– NOV19 : Festival Bruits Blancs, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux (FR)
– JAN20 : Watermans art center, London (UK)

Related artworks:
– video CliMax (Préliminaires) 8’46, exhibited in Festival Corps Virtuels, APO33 31OCT-15NOV (Nantes, FR)
ExoLove, performed installation, in interaction with the public, exhibited in the Fête du Code Créatif, Centre Pompidou (Paris) on March 2nd and 3rd 2019.


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